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Marc is head of audience and content at The Football League. Building content strategies, new products, a focus on mobile and new audience, social and search analytics, delivering training and working alongside operations, commercial, marketing and new business.

Head of digital publishing at Local World Media, formerly called Northcliffe Media, a portfolio of news and sport websites across the United Kingdom.

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Web editor, News editor, reporter, general dogsbody.

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Woman, London

Kneeling dancer

Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset

A beautiful quiet retreat in the heart of the town of Glastonbury, Somerset. Hundreds of years old. Lots of land, a few people.

Shopping in Catherine Hill, Frome

RIP Tony Benn

Roger Angell: Life in the Nineties : The New Yorker 

Take 10 minutes to read this. It’s wonderful

Jezebel the Cat 

We have cats. One of them is called Jezebel, which in hindsight was a bad name to give to a cat. Here she sits, regally, ignoring me.

Carla at Mells church

My much better half nicely framed in the arch of the church doorway at Mells, Somerset.

Taken with Nikon D90 with fixed 35mm lens

100 years old

Grandmother celebrating 100 years of age. Yes she received a card from the Queen. Made the local paper too. Amazing woman.

East London photo walk

Three photos from East London: Finsbury Square with clouds; street art in Shoreditch; commuters at Liverpool Street train station.

All photos taken with a Sony Nex 7 and processed in Lightroom. The street art pic also used Nik Software analogue lens overlay.

Spring arrives in Bath, Somerset

At long last. Spring is (almost certainly nearly) here. Blue skies and a big round yellow thing we vaguely remembered once calling the Sun. Families out together, playing and shopping and just happy not to be inside or wet.

Photos taken with Nikon d90 with a Tokina wide-angle lens. Processed in Lightroom.

London hotel foyer

Inside the ground-floor foyer of the Cumberland Guoman Hotel, near Marble Arch in London. Sculpture by Sean Henry

Red London lights

Nunney Castle, in Nunney, Somerset

Lovely castle surrounded by a moat. You can cross the bridge and go within the walls. Nunney Castle was built in the 1370s and sits in a lovely village with a great pub, called The George.

Photos taken with a Nikon D90. Two lens - wide angle Tokina, and a fixed 35mm. Processed in Lightroom and Nik.

Walled Garden at Mells, Somerset

A gorgeous walled garden in the stunning village of Mells, Somerset, not far from Frome. During the late spring and summer they sell oven-baked pizza, eaten outdoors, but I like this time of year too.

Photos taken with Nikon D90 with 35mm fixed lens. Processed in Lightroom and Nik

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